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Meet Our Therapy Dog

Teddy Shin - Therapy Dog in Ann Arbor, MI

Teddy Shin, DDS

(Dental Doggie Superstar)

Meet the newest member of our team, Teddy! She was born and raised in Indiana, where she was professionally trained for 2 months beginning at 7 weeks old to become a certified therapy dog. She is excited to help your child feel more comfortable with being at the dentist! At the discretion of the doctor, she can either keep your child company during the procedure or your child can spend some time with Teddy after the procedure. Teddy is a multi-generational mini Australian Labradoodle (labrador retriever, poodle, and cocker spaniel) and loves napping, snuggles, and treats. If you or your child feel at all uncomfortable with her presence, please let our office staff know and we can have her be in a separate area for the duration of your child’s appointment.

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